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Free At Last, Free At Last!


The door you hear slamming shut is the last kid leaving and, while they will always be there, they won't be here physically or you hope so anyway. But life has changed. And this site will be for getting through, around and enjoying that change. We're here to talk houses, new and old, jobs, personal finance, travel, relationships, and anything else that comes up when the kids are gone.




So need help picking a place to live? Want some help with medical insurance? Need a guy to fix something? Want to check out a new career? KidsGone is the fan-created data base that has the answers.


KidsGone Tour and Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is this? KeyQuestions to determine if you are kidsgone material
  • What does kidsgone do for me? A list of TopicsandSources
  • Topics and Sources about what? About anything YOU want to talk about or know about but starting with things like new vs. old houses, relocating, travel, cars, exercise, hopefully mainly fun stuff
  • What about not fun stuff? If you want to talk about or know about death, disease, insurance and old folks homes we can add them but somebody else will have to run that part. Let's start out with the fun stuff.



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Middle EastFavorite PlaysAwful Financial Planners
AfricaFavorite Concerts

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